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Leodis V. McDaniel High School

McDaniel High School

Portland Public Schools - Portland, OR

2017 - 2021

Project Description :  On Portland's east side, the former Madison High School had only had minor safety upgrades since its original construction in 1957. As part of the 2017 Portland Public School Modernization Bond, the school went through a dramatic renovation and evolution into the new Leodis V. McDaniel High School. 

The Master plan was refined through numerous community group and student/staff meetings, resulting in the project's guiding design principles.  Design to the PPS Ed Spec, the school is sized for 1700 students.

Of the total 300,000 sf, 50% was renovation of existing building and 50% was new construction. Components of the new construction included many of the larger, more challenging to seismically upgrade spaces, such as the Theater, Gyms, Commons and CTE spaces. The main portions that were saved and renovated included the long existing classroom wings which were repurposed into new 21st century learning spaces.  The exisiting building that remained was reduced back down to their original concrete structure and was fully modernized with new MEP systems throughout.


Project Role :  Project Architect, leading the Opsis/Dao architectural team, as well as directing the coordination of all allied consultants. Directed project from schematic inception through final closeout.

SD - DD - CD - CA

Opsis Architecture

Portland, OR

Design : 2017-2019

Construction :  2019-2021

Size : 296,000 SF 

Cost : $176 Million

Awards : LEED Silver

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